See How You Grow

By Dr. Patricia Pearse

(See How You Grow: A lift-the-flap book is more of a medical book then a story, meant for children who ask where babies come from. The first half of the book is dedicated to Sarah’s little brother Ben – his conception, growth, and birth.

This book was written by a doctor, and the medical diagrams are excellent, though perhaps beyond the true comprehension of children. The growth of baby Ben and the lift-the-flap aspect of the book will keep children’s attention, and it has some interesting analogies when describing why and how the body changes when it grows (motorcycle messengers delivering messages). Overall, it’s a good (if somewhat dated) guide to the beginning of life. ┬áSome parts, like the page on nutrition, will fall absolutely flat with kids, since they don’t control what they eat, and they likely won’t like half of what is on the page.

Suggested Ages: 3-5+

Pearse, P. (1988). See How You Grow. Barron’s Educational Series.



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