Pokemon: The Video Games

The premise of the Pokemon games is simple. You play as the main character, with a starter Pokemon. From there, you leave home and travel the region, capturing other Pokemon, growing them, and using them to prove yourself the very best of Pokemon trainers.

Pokemon is a great game. It’s addictive in its simplicity, and there’s something for everyone. To be sterotypical, the girls will love the pet-raising aspect, the boys will love the fighting. The ease of play means younger children can play, but it’s still enjoyable to older players.

Pokemon has proven its worth as a children’s series. It has been around for 13 years on T.V., in books, movies, and video games. It has seen numerous incarnations, and has refused to let itself become stuck in its original design. Against all odds, Pokemon is still hugely popular with children today.

Suggested Ages: 7+

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