What Do People Do All Day?

By Richard Scarry
Less of a storybook and more of a casual, introductory view of what, exactly, do people do all day? WDPDAD (What Do People Do All Day?) is a fabulous book full of details that will keep any child entertained as they learn the words associated with everything, from specific buildings to tools to people.

WDPDAD does not shy away from giving in-depth details either: in the chapter of building a house, Richard Scary shows us exactly what goes into building a house, including the sewer pipes. It teaches children what the keystone of a bridge is, and how people ride on a train. For the inquisitive young mind, What Do People Do All Day is one of the best books you could ever find.

Suggested ages: 3-5

Scarry, R. (1968). What Do People Do All Day? (Abridged). Random House.



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