Jon Scieszka’s Trucktown: Garage Tales

By Jon Scieszka

Garage Tales is a small compilation of tales from Trucktown; each one has previously been released on their own. The first one is “Uh-oh, Max”, a tale about a monster truck named Max. He zooms around wildly without paying attention to where he’s going, and ends up stuck under a bridge. Now it’s up to the other denizens of Trucktown to save him!

These stories are simple with gorgeous illustrations, and would easily appeal to little boys, but little girls could like it too. The stories are short, energetic, and beautifully illustrated. The characters of Trucktown were designed by the “Design Garage”, comprised of David Shannon, Loren Long and David Gordon. It shows that these characters are lovingly done, with each one introduced on the inside paper. The artwork makes excellent use of its white space, usually taking up the full page. It’s silly, engaging, and fits perfectly in its own world.

Suggested Ages: 5-9

Scieszk, J. (2010). Garage Tales. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. More


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