By Janell Cannon



Stellaluna is the story of a baby bat who cannot yet fly. Separated from her mother when they are attacked by an owl, she falls into a bird nest, where is adopted by the three chicks who live there. When she finally learns to fly, her differences become more obvious, and she is eventually reunited with her mother.

In addition to the story, Stellaluna also offers a few bonus pages of bat facts that are sure to whet the appetite of the young reader.

The artwork is beautiful. Each picture is beautifully painted and flawlessly reflects the tone of the page that accompanies it. The picture of Stellaluna reaching up to receive her insectoid meal is gorgeous, while flawlessly transitioning to comedic picture of her spinning around a branch.

Suggested ages: 5-9

Cannon, J. (1993). Stellaluna. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


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